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Train-the-Trainers Package

General information

Package description

This Train-the-Trainers (TTT) package forms an addition to the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG, which was developed by the CESSDA Training Working Group in 2017 and 2018.

This package contains different materials that trainers can use in developing and giving Research Data Management training for (social science) researchers.

Materials for instance include workshop outlines, slides and exercises that can be reused and adapted by local RDM trainers. The package contains five different types of materials: Workshop Outlines, Exercises, Presentations, Documents and Handouts, and Images. A full overview of all materials in this TTT Package is giving below.

PDFs of the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide are available for offline use. You can download the full publication as well as the single chapters at this link. The PDFs of single chapters are designed for being used as printed handouts.

License of the TTT Package

Unless specified otherwise, the TTT package and the materials it contains are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The materials can be freely used, as long as CESSDA ERIC is credited as the author.

Please note that some of the materials, in particular the exercises have been taken from CESSDA partners and may contain other licenses. In such cases, this is specified explicitly on the materials.

Specific Information on TTT Package version 1.2

Performed changes

In this section, the changes that have been made in this version of the TTT Package in relation to the previous version are described.

This readme refers to version 1.2 which followed 1.1. This package contains additional information on Chapter 7, a chapter on Data Discovery. It also includes a new workshop outline, new exercises as well as a new version of the DMP checklist.

Content Overview and Package Download

In the table below, all the materials that this TTT package contains are listed. You can also download the entire package as a zip file (175 Mb). NOTE: in this full download, the largest PNG images have been converted to JPG to reduce file size. The original image package can be downloaded here.

Workshop Outlines
Name Type Size
TTT_WO_1D_EthicalLegal_v1.0 DOCX 56 KB
TTT_WO_Ch7_TrainerNotes_v1.0 DOCX 65 KB
Name Type Size
TTT_PR_Ch1_Plan_v1.0 PDF 723 KB
TTT_PR_Ch1_Plan_v1.0 PPTX 2 MB
TTT_PR_Ch2_Organise_v1.0 PDF 941 KB
TTT_PR_Ch3_Process_v1.0 PDF 691 KB
TTT_PR_Ch4_Store_v1.0 PDF 4 MB
TTT_PR_Ch5_Protect_v1.0 PDF 34 MB
TTT_PR_Ch6_Archive_v1.0 PDF 609 KB
TTT_PR_Ch7_SlidesHowtofinddata_v1.1 PPTX 10 MB
TTT_PR_Ch7_SlidesHowtofinddata_v1.1 PDF 3 MB
TTT_PR_StructureOfTheGuide_v1.0 PDF 28 MB
TTT_PR_StructureOfTheGuide_v1.0 PPTX 29 MB
TTT_PR_TrainingMethods_v1.0 PDF 14 MB
TTT_PR_TrainingMethods_v1.0 PPTX 2 MB
Name Type Size
TTT_EX_GESIS_Re-IDQual_v1.0 PDF 153 KB
TTT_EX_GESIS_Re-IDQual_Ans_v1.0 PPTX 48 KB
TTT_EX_GESIS_Re-IDQuant_v1.0 PDF 232 KB
TTT_EX_GESIS_Re-IDQuant_Data_v1.0 ZIP 331 KB
TTT_EX_GESIS_Re-IDQuant_Ans_v1.0 PPTX 162 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_De-IDQuant_v1.0 PDF 293 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_De-IDQuant_Ans_v1.0 PDF 292 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_De-IDQual_v1.0 PDF 399 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_De-IDQual_Ans_v1.0 PDF 600 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_Consent_v1.0 PDF 371 KB
TTT_EX_GESIS_Licenses_v1.0 PDF 273 KB
TTT_EX_GESIS_Licenses_Ans_v1.0 PPTX 182 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_Access_v1.0 PDF 314 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_Access_Ans_v1.0 PDF 396 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_DataDoc_v1.0 PDF 302 KB
TTT_EX_UKDS_DataDoc_Ans_v1.0 PDF 323 KB
TTT_EX_OSTH_MetaData_v1.0 PDF 295 KB
TTT_EX_OSTH_FileFormats_v1.0 PDF 374 KB
TTT_EX_Ch7_IdentifyingAndEvaluatingDataSources_v1.0 DOCX 52 KB
TTT_EX_Ch7_DataNeedsAndEvaluatingDataWorksheetNotes_v1.0 DOCX 49 KB
TTT_EX_Ch7_DataNeedsAndEvaluatingDataWorksheet_v1.0 DOCX 48 KB
Name Type Size
TTT_DO_DMPExpertGuide_v1.3 PDF 217 KB
TTT_DO_DMPExpertGuide_v1.3 DOCX 106 KB
TTT_DO_DMPExpertGuideEditVersion_v1.3 DOCX 39 KB
TTT_DO_TipsForTrainers_v1.0 PDF 536 KB
TTT_DO_StructureOfTheGuide_v1.0 PDF 601 KB
TTT_DO_OnlineResources_v1.0 XLSX 9 KB
TTT_DO_EvaluationExample1_v1.0 DOCX 59 KB
TTT_DO_EvaluationExample2_v1.0 DOCX 55 KB
TTT_DO_DMPLifecycle_v1.0 PDF 2 MB
TTT_DO_DMPLifecycle_v1.0 DOCX 560 KB
TTT_DO_Ch7_GettingStartedandFurtherResources_v1.0 DOCX 1 MB
Name Type Size
TTT_IM_DMExpertGuide_v1.2 ZIP 70 MB